Spring 2016 Lookbook: Rodéo in Wonderland

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Temperatures are rising. Flowers are blooming. Bathing suits are out in the store. You know what that means...spring is here! And so is the Spring 2016 Lookbook. We picked a few of our favorite pictures to show you, but make sure to check out the full Lookbook here. As always, this is our favorite Lookbook! 

We took a trip to Wonderland to attend a whimsical tea party. It was absolutely magical with fresh flowers, dainty desserts and butterfly crowns. The girls looked beautiful in their fresh spring outfits. This spring, we want to embrace the magic in everyday.  Down the rabbit hole we go! 

The Chesire Cat couldn't make it, so we invited our adorable pink friend, Betty Ann. A teacup pig at a tea happened. 

Flowers everywhere and butterflies in hair- Spring we are ready for you! 

Tea parties and pillow fights have us feeling like girls again. You're never too old to play! Don't forget to look for the magic in everyday, we promise it's still there.

Come into the store to see all our new spring arrivals! We can't wait to see you! 

Thank you Julep Studio for the beautiful pictures. 


Keep dreaming, 

-xo The Rodéo Girls 


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Lookbook Holiday 2015: When You Wish Upon A Star

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It's officially holiday time, the BEST time of the year! We've already got Christmas music playing all day long. Don't judge, you know you do to. For this year's holiday shoot we headed out to St. Mary's Church in St. Francisville. It's a small church that's in the middle of being restored and even still has a few windows that are open, but it is one of the most beautiful places. We loved the juxtaposition of the exposed brick walls of the church against all the glitter and sparkle that we brought with us. We can't seem to get rid of the sparkle, it just follows us around wherever we go. 

And since we can't seem to do anything without food, we got snowflake cookies, peppermint sticks, macaroons and a cranberry champagne spritzer to complete our bar cart.

We also brought Grayson and Anna Grace's pet squirrel to the shoot. Because... well do we even need a reason? Look how adorable he is! And he was such a good model. He definitely liked the spotlight. These are just a few of our favorite images from the shoot. You can check out the rest of them on our Lookbook page! Hopefully you'll love them as much as we do!

Let us help you check off all the names on your Christmas list this year. (And we can even gift wrap them for you!) We've also got all the essential supplies for that holiday party you are throwing... like reindeer antlers, mini santa hats and sparkly garlands!

Keep Dreaming,

-xo The Rodéo Girls 

 A big thanks to our beautiful model Sarah Beth and to the ladies of Julep Studio for taking the photos. We had a blast as always! 

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Lookbook: Troop Rodéo

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Rodeo Boutique Lookbook

A few weeks ago, we packed up our Louis Vuitton's and headed to the woods for a magical forest photo shoot. Our goal was to incorporate nature with our favorite pieces for Fall, while also having a killer time. This may not look like regular camping to you, but it is exactly how Troop Rodéo would set up camp... 

We, Rodéo Girls, were ready for whatever the woods would throw our way. (As long as it didn't get us too muddy. We like to stay looking our best even in the forest.) We packed up the essentials before we made our trek into the woods (gummy bears, sour candy, s'mores, cocktails, facial masks and bath soaks. You know, the essentials.)

And since no camping trip is complete without celebratory sparklers, we decided to bring some along with us! We had such a blast on our adventure to the woods. Who is coming with us next time?!

These are just a few of our favorite images from the shoot. To see the whole lookbook, hop on over to our Lookbook page! And if anything catches your eye (like that amazing pink plaid coat), be sure to stop by either of our locations to try it on!

Keep Dreaming,

-xo The Rodéo Girls

A big THANK YOU to our favorite photographers, Kelli and Jaime from Julep Studio! You ladies are magic! 

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Lookbook: The Greenhouse

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Fall is right around the corner, which means it's time to put away our spring & summer lookbook and welcome something new. This Greenhouse shoot was easily one of our favorites to date. From the lush green environment to the delicate and feminine clothes, it just oozed that "Rodéo Girl" feel. While we could have stayed in this greenhouse all day (we hate being trapped indoors), it is so exciting to know that Fall is almost at our doorstep. Instead of admiring succulents and bright flowers, we will be welcoming falling leaves, cool breezes, and the scent of the forest. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's just soak in the pictures from this gorgeous lookbook for a little bit longer...

Keep Dreaming, 

The Rodéo Girls

A big thanks to our favorite photographers at Julep Studio for their mad skills shooting this lookbook!

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A Rodéo Christmas - Holiday 2014 Lookbook

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We know it's long past Christmas, but we realized that we never shared these images on the blog. We had such a blast planning and shooting this lookbook! Our goal was to create a day filled with everything Christmas. Including decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, and finally, celebrating with your best buds over drinks and dessert. These are just a few of our favorite images from the lookbook. Hopefully you got a chance to see the rest when they were live on the lookbook page!

A big thanks to Lala and Brittney, our beautiful models! And to Julep Studio for their photography! Couldn't have done it without you ladies! 

Now who's ready for Spring to arrive?!

Keep Dreaming,

The Rodéo Girls


Styling - Carol Meche

Photography - Julep Studio

Hair and Make-up - Brittney Bowers

Models - Brittney and Lala

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