Lookbook: Festival Edition

With Festival Season in full swing, we knew we wanted to devote this month's lookbook to the fashion that goes along with the music. Festival fashion is one of our favorite things here at Rodéo. From flower crowns to graphic tees, we love it all. Which is probably pretty obvious, I mean we do call ourselves hippies over here. But really, what's not to love about festival style? It's carefree, energetic, and effortlessly cool. And more importantly, it's incredibly unique. Each person can choose to interpret it in their own way, which goes right along with one of our favorite mantras "Be Yourself." 

You can view the full lookbook here.

Now, there are a few "must-haves" when it comes to festival style. Whether you are planning to go to every festival imaginable or you just want to incorporate more festival pieces into your closet, these are the items that we think you really can't live without:

1. Cut-off Shorts - Not that you are concerned with being the most lady-like person at the concert, but having to figure out how to sit down in dresses and skirts is just not pretty. Plus, cut-offs help give you that "cool girl" vibe. 

2. Hats/headbands/braids - Dirty hair, it's going to happen, so bring along a few head pieces that will help you spruce it up. Your hair will thank you. 

3. Layers upon layers - We're talking jewelry as well as clothing here. Layering necklaces, bracelets, and rings not only adds to your outfit, but also shows that you are indeed a boho goddess. And having layers of clothing that you can shed when its hot and pile on when it cools off is always a good idea. You never know what the weather has in store for you.

4. Bralettes - Who wants to wear an underwire bra when you will be outside in the sun all day? No one. Embrace these lacy and colorful underpinnings and you will be one happy girl. Or take a cue from your mom in the 70's and just go bra-less. 

5. Graphic Tees & Prints - Festival fashion is ultimately about having fun, so mix prints and patterns until your heart's content!

We hope some of these festival "must-haves" will find a way into your closet. Have fun relaxing with friends and jamming out to your favorite tunes this summer. Be sure to tag us on Instagram if you are wearing your Rodéo best at a festival! We'd love to see the way you wear it! 

Keep Dreaming,

The Rodéo Girls


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