Rodeo Boutique's Owner, Shanna Shares Her Guide to Antiquing

Rodeo Boutique's Owner, Shanna Shares Her Guide to Antiquing

Owner of Rodéo Boutique Shanna Boudreaux is a seasoned antique hunter.

Shanna's home is filled with impressive finds from antique stores all over the country.

People often walk into her home and ask her where she got a certain piece because they want it too. She loves being able to respond that it is one of a kind. You can only find the funky pieces that she displays around her house by carefully sifting through stores filled with the past. 

Inspired by the Queen of Antiques, we decided to make a day out of antiquing in Austin, Texas. We were a little nervous to try our hand at antiquing. Not everyone has such a keen eye for standout pieces when they are cluttered among hundreds of others that are not so great. But Shanna talked us through the whole experience, and we're going to share her tips with you! 

We headed to Uncommon Objects on South Congress Street-- a famous street known for it's funky shops and incredible food. And this romantic graffiti. . . perfect for a picture with bestie or bae. 

I love you so much wall

Although Uncommon Objects looked pretty cool, some of the best stores look beat up on the outside. Shanna said that she got some of her favorites pieces from stores in run down parts of town that no one would ever think to look in. We're gonna hit you with a cliche: don't judge a book by it's cover. 

Antique Shopping

She also reminded us not to forget about estate sales. It doesn't have to be the biggest house or the nicest store-- you never know whats inside! 

Because sometimes you walk into a store and find this..

Thrifty Hunting

We had our eye out for a couple things that Shanna told us she always looks for. The first was brass: brass figures, brass accessories, brass anything! 

We ran across a whole shelf full of brass animal figures that would look awesome on shelves or a coffee table. 

Another Antique Finding By Shanna

Shanna told us to look for serving ware and glassware. She said you often pay a fraction of the price for what you would pay for a new set. Plus, where are you gonna find one-of-a-kind, glassware like this?!

Antique Lamps

Shanna's final tip was to keep and open mind rather than have your mind set on a specific piece. If you do that, you might miss something great that you're not expecting to find. Had we gone in only looking for brass and glassware, we might have missed our favorite thing in the store...vintage signs! 

Antique Findings

Keep your eyes on the prize. . .

Wonderful Antique Gifts

Although we saw so many things we loved, we could only choose one. So we took home these sassy, mini champagne glasses.

Exploring Antique Art
 We wrapped up our day with a drink on the balcony.  Cheers to summer and a successful day of antiquing!  

Ending The Antique Search On A Positive Note


Comment and let us know some of your favorite antiquing tips and your go-to vintage shops while looking stylish in our latest arrivals.


Keep dreaming, 


The Rodéo Girls 

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