New Year, New Jams

How many New Years Resolutions have you broken in the past? Too many to count. Maybe if it wasn't such a serious word we would be more motivated to keep them. We should call them pinky promises to ourselves. This year we're making pinky promises to ourselves that we WANT to keep. Who really wants to eat more vegetables and run a marathon? Not us! This year we promise to listen to awesome music and share it with you. Rodéo takes on Spotify! 

We made a playlist of our favorite jams for the new year. Everyone in the store chose a few songs they can't stop listening to. When you're at a loss for what to listen to, you no longer have to shuffle Today's Top Hits. Our playlist "New Year, New Jams" is filled with upbeat songs and a few solid oldies. If we forgot your favorite song leave us a comment...we can add it! Follow our playlist or come listen to it when you shop in the store.

Link to playlist: New Year, New Jams

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