Holiday Gift Guide: The Explorer

We all have that friend who always has a new trip around the corner. The one with a ton of airline miles and a million cool stories. She can be hard to shop for because she always comes back with awesome souvenirs from her latest adventure. But we can make your Christmas shopping a little easier this year because we have the perfect gifts for her! Give her a Swell water bottle or floral passport case to use on her next trip. She will look like the experienced explorer she is with any of these gifts. 

Knowing your explorer friend. . . she would love to post an Instagram with her travel accessories. They're too cute not to flaunt! 

Socks- $28

Knit hat- $58 

Leather jacket- $104 

Quay Sunglasses- $48 

Coin necklace- $32 

Volkswagen tray- $18

Travel candle- $13 

Matches- $10 

Sunshine book- $9.95 

Floral passport case- $24 

Power Trip set (charging cord)-$32 

Fortune Favors the Brave book- $14.95 

Roadmap book- $19.95

Come into the store to grab these gifts! Our gift wrapping options are almost as cute as the gifts themselves.

Keep dreaming, 

-xo The Rodéo Girls 


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