Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for here at Rodéo. On Tuesday night we went to Table Kitchen and Bar to celebrate Thanksgiving with a few of our girls. Of course we couldn't just do a plain ol' dinner...we had to have masks! It made for an especially entertaining night. As always there were lots of laughs and memories about the store shared. We are so thankful that the store has brought us all together- we are more than just co-workers, we are friends! 

We had a revelation that came into sharp focus...we have the most adorable and kind-hearted shop girls around! 

We hope your day is filled with good friends, good food and good times. Take today to count your blessings as we are here at Rodéo. We are thankful for our loyal and lovely customers! You guys make everything we do worth it. Come see us tomorrow on Black Friday to see how thankful we are for YOU! 

Keep dreaming,

-xo The Rodéo Girls 

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