Chanel Make-up Event

What's the best way to celebrate the fact that you're half way through the week? We think it's makeovers, shopping, and eating sweets! That's why on Wednesday, October 28th,  we brought in our favorite ladies from Saks-New Orleans to put on our annual Chanel make-up event. Customers booked appointments to have their makeup done and ordered their favorite products when they were finished. But honestly, what Chanel make-up products aren't our favorite?! Ladies left with fresh faces and hopefully a few new fall sweaters. 

We promise these cupcakes tasted as good as they looked. One or two (or three) cheat sweets never hurt anyone! And a mimosa to wash it all down...cheers! 

One of our favorite customers called her boyfriend from the make-up chair saying, "Honey, where are you taking me tonight? I look good for a Wednesday!" 

If you want to participate in the Chanel make-up event next year, leave a comment or call us at the store  (225-763-5889.) We'd love to see you! Thanks again to the Chanel team from Saks-New Orleans for helping us feel as gorgeous as we all are and sharing a few laughs.

Keep Dreaming, 

-xo The Rodéo Girls


Photography by Julep Studio

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