How to Win Friends

Over the years, we've learned a thing or two about maintaining friendships. Like any relationship, friendships take some work. Especially between two females, because we are often at the mercy of our mood swings. Am I right?! The best way to see your friendship succeed is to take a genuine interest in the feelings of your friend. So if she's excited, then celebrate right along side her. If she's sad or going through a rough time, be there to comfort her. And if she's in need of some encouragement? Offer it up in the form of these adorable "You Rock" cupcakes, plus an inspirational ribbon she can hang on her wall. We promise this will officially make you the best friend ever.

These cupcakes were super easy to make! Just buy some cupcakes (or make them if you are a pro in the kitchen) and add your favorite color rock candy on top. We used sour pink rock candy on ours! We couldn't get enough of the sweet + tart flavor combo. 

And the ribbons? They are all available for purchase in store. We can think of no better surprise for a friend than a ribbon that proudly proclaims that they are indeed awesome. Confetti might be a close second, which we also have. 

So what lucky friend of yours is going to get a sweet surprise this week?!

Now for the behind the scenes footage...

After our mini shoot, our sweet helper Anna Grace, thought Ajax could really use a pick me up. She choose to share a rock candy stick with him. (It was the best day of his life, we promise.) It looks like Anna Grace doesn't need any lessons on how to be a good friend. She's already got that covered. Next lesson please. 

Keep Dreaming, 

xo The Rodéo Girls

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