One Day Juice Cleanse

We just introduced you to cold pressed juice and the miracles it can work on your body.  We had to find out first hand what the craze was all about and decided to embark on a one day juice cleanse here at Rodéo! 

You might be wondering what the need would be for a juice cleanse...and we were too.  

Here are a few of the health benefits of doing a juice cleanse.

  • To support your body in its natural ability to heal itself.
  • To look and feel better, inside and out.
  • To allow your digestive system to take a break, reset itself and work more efficiently. 
  • To allow your body to remove accumulated toxins.
  • To lose some of the bloat from consuming highly processed foods and alcohol.

What did we end up thinking about our juice cleanse?

The flavor combinations are all really yummy making you forget that you are drinking vegetables like spinach and beets.  We started out the morning with a bang and were all really excited about cleansing for the day.  As lunchtime approached we were all wishing that the juice would magically morph into a cheeseburger or a piece of pizza.  It was more about breaking the habit of chewing your food rather than drinking it and had nothing to do with the fact that we were hungry.

We will tell you though, that we are all girls who have an appetite and this cleanse was definitely out of character for us.  We kept each other motivated with support texts throughout the day to keep ourselves in check and out of the drive though line.

Although it was challenging to not eat solid food for a day, we all woke up this morning feeling less bloated and our bodies felt refreshed.

If you are interested in doing a juice cleanse, our recommendation would be to start with a one day cleanse and see how you like it!  You can contact The Big Squeezy here in Baton Rouge to set up your cleanse today.  They will even deliver it right to your door!

Keep Dreaming, 

The Rodéo Girls

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