Girls Night Out: Progressive Dinner

Last Wednesday, the Rodéo crew got dressed up for a night out on the town!  We ended up doing a progressive dinner at some of our favorite hot spots in town for our girl's night out extravaganza!  We definitely were channeling Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda for our inspiration for the night!   We started out with a fancy cocktail (complete with DIY cocktail stirrers that will be on the blog this week) and balloons of course, then after rooftop cocktails, we headed to a new place for appetizers, followed by dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, and finally ended the night with mini cakes and confetti!   

We have to say, it was such a blast and we can't wait for the next one!  Every girl needs a night out with her friends now and then and a progressive dinner is such a fun way to do it!  

For cocktails we went to Tsunami, which has an amazing atmosphere and drinks, for appetizers we went to Restaurant IPO, known for their tapas, for dinner we went to Little Village and feasted on pasta and bread, and then for dessert we went back to the Hilton downtown to eat mini layered cakes that our very own Carol made for us and popped confetti to celebrate our fun night!

If you and your girlfriends happen to be out and about in town and are sporting Rodéo, make sure to tag us and use the hashtag, #RodeoGirlsNightOut!  We can't wait to see the fun pictures!

Keep Dreaming,

The Rodéo Girls

P.S. If you loved our confetti poppers, (which who wouldn't?) you can buy them in store!  They are from a great company in Mississippi called Thimblepress!  Our balloons were all DIY except for the pink heart, which was sent to us by Thimblepress also.

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