Road Trip Across America

Have you taken your summer vacation yet?

If not, you are welcome to come with us as we take a road trip across the country, Rodéo Style! Shanna (the owner of Rodéo), her friend Christy, and each of their kids (that's 4 kids total, people!) have decided to load up in a rented mini van and drive from St. Francisville, LA to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is a 30-hour drive, one way! Are they crazy or just livin' life to the fullest? We'll let you decide on that one. The reason for this trip is to visit Yellowstone National Park to soak in all "God's country," and do it in a way that they will never forget! This won't be just another vacation, it will be an experience! It's a trip that will encourage them to slow down and really enjoy the journey, which is something our "on-the-go" society has sort of forgotten how to do. 

They are just two southern ladies road trippin' it, without their husbands, but with their wild and crazy kids in tow stopping at a few of America's best roadside attractions along the way!  Curious about what route they are taking and what "quirky" roadside attractions they plan to check out? Don't worry, we've prepared a map for you so you can follow along...

Starting this week, we will be sharing the diary of their trip. The stories. The laughs. And most importantly, the pictures. We hope you are excited to come along on this journey, and to get you in the spirit, we've included the playlist we'll be listening to along the way.

Laissez les bons temps roulez'!  (Let the good times roll!)

Keep Dreaming,

The Rodéo Girls


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