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Last Wednesday, we sat down with the two ladies of Julep Studio, Jaime Leonard and Kelli Jennings, to get to know them a little better. As you know, this photography duo is responsible for the beautiful images from our latest lookbook, Rodéo Goes Glamping. Not only are they extremely talented at what they do, but they also happen to be really fun to be around. Read our interview of these two ladies below and you will see why...

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How did Julep Studio get it's start?

Kelli had just moved back to the U.S. from Germany and I had just moved back from France.  We both, separately, were looking at starting our own photography businesses, all the while, using each other as sounding boards for all of our ideas, questions, and planning. It didn't occur to us at first that maybe we should just pursue this together, as one company. It didn't take long for the lightbulb to go off, but once it did we knew we were onto something. In January of 2013, Julep Studio got it's start. We spent a lot of time on our name, trying to make sure it was both feminine and modern, while still representing The South and southern traditions. 

How would you describe Julep Studio's aesthetic?

Our aesthetic is fresh and modern while still being light and romantic. While shooting, we try to give direction, but want our client to still do what's natural in the environment that we are shooting in. We recognize and appreciate the need for tradition, but love to take that tradition and give it a "Julep" twist. 

What is your favorite type of event to photograph?

While we both thoroughly enjoy weddings, we can't help but be overly excited when we get to be a part of a fashion shoot. We love when a group of talented people get together, each doing what they do best, to make a creative concept come to life. There are no rules, no limits, just creativity. 

What sets you apart from other photographers?

Having two people allows us to capture the moment from multiple angles and viewpoints. We are able to collaborate with each other during the whole shoot, while also being able to give on-the-spot feedback. This means we can work smarter and more efficiently for our client. 

Is there any area of photography that you would love to get more involved in?

For us, it's definitely fashion. It's been a big area of interest for us since college, when we would organize these types of shoots on our own time. Fashion allows us to be imaginative, with no definite rights or wrongs. It's all about selling a lifestyle or an attitude to a woman that she desires in her own life. 

Who is an artist or photographer that inspires you?

For both of us, its Thomas Neff, the head of photography at LSU. He specialized in portrait photography and getting to know his subject. He is the reason we both stayed in photography. 

What has been the stand-out moment of Julep's career for each of you?

We both agree that seeing the dream we had in mind start to come to life right in front of our eyes was the best moment of our career, thus far.  Meeting with clients who describe the type of photography that they want and having it line up perfectly with the vision we set for our own company is a feeling like no other. It's in those types of moments that we realize we are on the right career path!

We asked them random questions and gave them five seconds to answer. This is what they had to say...

I wish I knew how to...

Jaime: re-upholster a sofa

Kelli: sail a boat

Dream vacation spot:

J: Florence, Italy or Portugal

K: Florence, Italy

Coffee Order:

J: soy latte

K: iced coffee

Salty or Sweet:

J: Sweet

K: Salty

Favorite way to unwind:

J: Walking the dogs, with a beer in hand

K: Watching Gilmore Girls with a glass of wine

Dogs or Cats:

J: Dogs

K: Cats

Who would be your celebrity best friend:

J: Jennifer Lawrence

K: Joy the Baker (Joy Wilson)


Now you can see why we are so smitten with these two ladies and Julep Studio.  If you are interested in booking them for any of your photography needs you can visit their website ( to find out how.

Big thanks to Jaime and Kelli for meeting with us and sharing a bit of yourselves with Rodéo and our readers!

Keep Dreaming,

The Rodéo Girls

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