V-Day Vibes

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It's the final countdown. One week until Valentine's Day! Love is in the air, and we are ready to celebrate. 

Instead of fretting about what you're going to wear to celebrate, keep it simple in this little black dress. It's a no-brainer and you'll look like a knockout. When you wear a LBD, it's YOU that stands out instead of your clothes. 

If you've got a date night with your significant other already planned out, throw on the dress and go. If not, throw a Galentines Day bash. We've got everything you need: banners, balloons and confetti. All you have to do is invite a couple girl friends over, order some pizza and put on that girl power playlist. A cocktail wouldn't hurt either. Your girl friends will be there for you through thick and thin, so take a day to show them how much you love them. To the moon and back! 

Whatever your Valentine's Day plans are. we hope they are lovely. This week hug tighter, kiss longer and say "I love you" every chance you get. Happy Valentine's Day! 

Keep dreaming, 

-xo The Rodéo Girls 

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Sincerely, your Valentine

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There's no way to avoid it. It's either your favorite day of the year or the absolute worst. But you can't stop it. Valentine's Day is coming! At Rodéo, we're pumped. We love to love. We've come to understand that V-day is more than just getting roses from your boy toy and going out to a nice dinner. It's all about who you love. Whether that be your bestie, your sister, or even your dog. There's no shame in having a Galentines day. The worst thing you can do is choose not to celebrate! 

Why exactly did handwritten valentines go out of style?! Forget the jewelry. We want these adorable valentines and thoughtful love tokens. Okay maybe don't forget the jewelry. . .but can we at least get a real valentine on the side. Nothing says I love you like writing it out on paper.

These love tokens are the gift that keeps on giving. Instead of giving your valentine one present, let them use these love tokens whenever they want! We can't wait to use the Dessert Night token. 

Come into the store and grab some of these adorable paper valentines. We'd LOVE to see you! Mwah!

Keep dreaming, 

-xo The Rodéo Girls 

Photography by Julep Studio

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Love Birds

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These are gifts for the couple that will ALWAYS be in the honeymoon stage. They are so in love that you can't help but love them! Whether you're still waiting for the wedding invitation or they have been married for years, any couple will appreciate these gifts. Give the newlyweds a cookbook or a "quite the pair" toothbrush set. Any love bird would love to shimmy into this delicate pink nightie . . . they might just fall head over heels in love all over again! 

The tried and true couple will love this cheeky platter! 

Come into the store to buy the loveliest gifts around! 

Greeting cards- $6 

Fox ring dish- $18 

Bird wing ring dish- $18 

I love you 8x10 art print- $30 

Letterquette note set- $24

Fortune Telling Book of Love- $9.95 

Good morning mug- $16 

Here's your snack platter- $24 

Toothbrush set- $14 

Nightie- $94 

Newlywed cookbook- $35 


Keep dreaming 

-xo The Rodéo Girls 

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