One Day Juice Cleanse

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We just introduced you to cold pressed juice and the miracles it can work on your body.  We had to find out first hand what the craze was all about and decided to embark on a one day juice cleanse here at Rodéo! 

You might be wondering what the need would be for a juice cleanse...and we were too.  

Here are a few of the health benefits of doing a juice cleanse.

  • To support your body in its natural ability to heal itself.
  • To look and feel better, inside and out.
  • To allow your digestive system to take a break, reset itself and work more efficiently. 
  • To allow your body to remove accumulated toxins.
  • To lose some of the bloat from consuming highly processed foods and alcohol.

What did we end up thinking about our juice cleanse?

The flavor combinations are all really yummy making you forget that you are drinking vegetables like spinach and beets.  We started out the morning with a bang and were all really excited about cleansing for the day.  As lunchtime approached we were all wishing that the juice would magically morph into a cheeseburger or a piece of pizza.  It was more about breaking the habit of chewing your food rather than drinking it and had nothing to do with the fact that we were hungry.

We will tell you though, that we are all girls who have an appetite and this cleanse was definitely out of character for us.  We kept each other motivated with support texts throughout the day to keep ourselves in check and out of the drive though line.

Although it was challenging to not eat solid food for a day, we all woke up this morning feeling less bloated and our bodies felt refreshed.

If you are interested in doing a juice cleanse, our recommendation would be to start with a one day cleanse and see how you like it!  You can contact The Big Squeezy here in Baton Rouge to set up your cleanse today.  They will even deliver it right to your door!

Keep Dreaming, 

The Rodéo Girls

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Juicing with The Big Squeezy

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Last week, we decided we needed to see what this "juicing" craze is all about, so we headed to one of the coolest new businesses in Baton Rouge, The Big Squeezy. Kimberly and her team were so welcoming to us and really opened our eyes to the magic of Cold Pressed Juice.

The Big Squeezy opened its doors in December of 2013, and is located right near the Perkins Overpass. From the environment to the products, everything about this place feels invigorating and fresh. It's definitely a hip place to be. All of their products are prepared fresh on a daily basis right in their store. They support local, sustainable farms, and source only the highest quality ingredients for their products. We think they absolutely fit their description of being local, raw and delicious.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2500.0"]Shanna and Kimberly Shanna and Kimberly[/caption]

So what exactly is cold pressed juice? Well we asked the experts at The Big Squeezy this one, as we didn't know the answer and this is what they had to say...

"All juice is not created equal. Cold Pressing is the most effective way to extract the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, photo-nutrients and, most importantly, living enzymes from fruits and vegetables. Unlike other methods, Cold Pressing keeps the all important enzymes intact by introducing zero heat and very little oxygen into the product. Consumption of Cold Pressed Juice floods your body with the absolute best nature has to offer. This means you are getting a higher amount of nutrients, and delicious flavors that make both your body and mouth happy."

Cold Pressed Juice is nothing new. In fact it has been around for quite a while. It was developed by Norman Walker in the 1930s. He lived to be 99 years old and claimed that juicing is what granted him such a long life. He was the inventor of the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer, which is still sold today. The Big Squeezy even has one in their store!

You didn't think we'd visit without trying anything did you? We got to sample a Green Colada smoothie that was divine (highly recommend!) and learn how to make a Remedy Shot. A Remedy Shot is cayenne, ginger, and lemon. It is the perfect cure for hangovers, or so we're told. We'll let you college girls decide on that one. It packs quite the punch but is still refreshing! 

We also sampled the Detox Water and the Morning Glory (Iced Coffee.) Can we just say we could drink that coffee every. single. day. It was delicious. 

So if you haven't tried The Big Squeezy yet, give it a go! They offer cold pressed juices, juice cleanses, smoothies, and shots. They also have a juice club you can join! Things are definitely moving fast for them as they already have more ideas in the works, like a whole kids line and even food items. 

We were so intrigued by the juice cleanses that we decided to try it out for ourselves. We, along with Shanna and Annie, are going to try a one day juice cleanse. Check back Thursday and we will give you all the details of this little adventure. It's going to be an interesting one, since we love food so much. But we can make it one day right? 

Keep Dreaming,

The Rodéo Girls

A big thanks to Kimberly and the whole team at The Big Squeezy! You were such gracious hosts and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. 

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