Let The Gifting Begin!

Let The Gifting Begin!


We are thrilled to announce that our latest project is officially live! Rodéo Wrapped is the perfect way to share a little fun, thoughtfulness and love with your favorite people! We know there is nothing better than celebrating life with the people you love, whether that's a birthday, a new job, a baby, or just because it's tuesday and you are alive! But sometimes distance gets in the way and a phone call just can't quite do it justice. That's where we come in! We've curated our favorite products into themed boxes for just about any occasion. Now you can send the celebration straight to your nearest and dearest! 

You're probably wondering what occasions you can use these for exactly. Allow us to explain a little more... 

BIRTHDAY: It's her birthday! Light the candles and pop the confetti. This day only comes once a year and it's her special day to shine! She'll know just how much you care when this party box arrives. It's got all the best items to help her celebrate from dawn 'til dusk!

THE BEACH: So your BFF is going beachin' without you. You could get mad, or you could send her the perfect package of goodies for her fun in the sun! Yes, let's pick kindness. Send her on her way with a waterproof camera and all the other essentials for a wild time. And if she's under age, we've got options for her too! With this gift, it's like you'll be there by her side anyway!

CONGRATS: New Job? New House? Just got engaged? Or maybe she just managed to make it through the day without spilling coffee on herself. Really there are hundreds of reasons to send this party box to your favorite lady. Help celebrate the woman she is without being there yourself. We don't think she will mind the extra attention one bit! 

PAMPER: Her "hustle" tank is out of gas. All the Pinterest mantras in the world can't get this Girl Boss out of her slump and back on track. We all need breaks now and then to rest, recharge and get ready to face another day. She refuses to take a break but you can tell she's burnt out. Looks like the perfect time to send a Treat Yo' Self box her way! She'll be so happy for a break from the real world, even if it's only for an afternoon. 

BREAK UP: Her heart has been broken! She needs a girl's night ASAP. But you can't be there. So who's going to participate in binge eating chocolate, while watching sappy movies and hating on the male human race with her? This box might just do the trick in your place! A wine glass, chocolate and a few reminders of why she's the greatest. Heartbreaks hurt, but at least she doesn't have to hurt alone! 

WILL YOU BE MY BRIDESMAID: You're getting married! Hooray! Now it's time for all the decisions, like how you are going to ask your very best gal pals to stand by your side while you say "I do!" We've got an idea! Just send them this sweet little box and there's no way they can refuse you. (Not that they would anyway!) We've got an option for the Maid of Honor too!

GENDER REVEAL: Gender reveal party? That's old news. We've got the best new way to spill the beans about the gender of your growing baby! Send those closest to you a surprise box that will let them discover the gender of your baby in their own home! This will literally be one of the best mail surprises they will ever receive!  


How does it work? It's pretty simple, actually! Just add the box of your choice to your shopping cart. At checkout you will give us her name and shipping address as well as your name and billing address. In the comments section, just let us know how you want us to sign the card! And if you need to customize or add to a box, we are more than happy to help make it suit your needs perfectly! Just send us a note on our contact page and we can get started! And just so you know, it's perfectly acceptable to send one of these super cute boxes to yourself!

We can't wait to help you start gifting! 


The Rodéo Girls



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